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Geoff Wotzko

Geoff brings to WP Financial Planners a wealth of experience in taxation, superannuation and financial planning, having worked at senior levels in the Taxation Office for 15 years, Chartered Accounting for 7 years and Corporate Superannuation for 2 years before joining Western Pacific in 1996.

With his accounting background, he appreciates the importance of cash flow and budgeting as a first step in the journey to creating wealth and can guide you in how best to go about this.

He has clear insight into creating tax-efficient structures to maximise cash flow for investment and lifestyle purposes.  His extensive experience of superannuation funds of all types ensures he can provide the right advice for your circumstances. As part of the protection of your assets and carrying out your wishes for family members he can provide clear advice in Estate Planning.

He has undertaken extra study in the complex and ever-changing area of Aged Care and will be able to provide financial scenarios for you to determine the best way to structure a loved one moving into an aged care facility.

Geoff’s investment approach seeks to maximise returns in the long term by minimising losses and costs through diversification and keeping fees relatively low. He relies upon empirical data and academic research that identifies what produces premium returns in the market. The importance of having a plan based on risk tolerance and sticking to it adds to peace of mind in investing.

  • Fellow of CPA Australia

  • Accredited Aged Care Professional

  • Post Grad Dip Bus (Law) - Curtin University

  • Associateship in Accounting - WAIT

  • Certificate of Superannuation Management - Macquarie University

  • Diploma of Financial Services

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