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Australian Owned, Operated and Managed

Living in one of Australia's most beautiful cities, privileged to enjoy the relaxed city, suburban and beach life that is Perth, we strive to achieve the level of financial security that can sustain this wonderful lifestyle.


As we go through life, our circumstances and requirements change, and this has an impact on our financial situation and priorities.


From the time we start to save for our first car or home purchase, until the time comes to start thinking about retirement funding and beyond, we all need someone to help us make the right decisions.

It feels good to know that your future is supported by a real person, not just a big business or faceless institution — someone who cares enough to take the time to know you, understand you and be there to work with you on an ongoing basis. At WP Financial Planners, that’s how we enable you to make the right financial decisions.

Whether it is complex investment planning or cash flow management, we work with you to achieve the best outcomes. Talk to us about superannuation,  retirement planning, investing, wealth creation, insurance, debt managementaged care, and estate planning.

Our Background

In 1985 a select group of Australia’s leading financial advisers shared a common vision to create a client-focused financial advisory business. These advisers joined forces and formed ‘Western Pacific’. They created a business with the mission of working together to empower clients, without being constrained by rigid structures laid down by financial institutions, banks, investment houses or insurance companies. Since that time, Western Pacific financial planners have helped thousands of Australians work towards their personal financial goals.

We are now part of Australia's largest non-bank, non-insurer financial advice company, IOOF, which has been established since 1846. IOOF is the parent of Consultum which provides our license to advise. Consultum is a member of the industry professional body, the Financial Planning Association (FPA). The FPA represents the interests of the public and Australia's professional community of financial advisers and has more than 10,000 members and affiliates. 

At WP Financial Planners we have highly skilled and experienced advisers. This ensures that all clients receive sound, high-quality advice that meets the best practice standards. WP Financial Planners is an authorised representative of Consultum, which holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). This means we are licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) to provide you with advice on a range of financial issues and products.

Our History

Western Pacific Financial Group - October 2016

As the financial planning profession evolved, head office support played an increasingly larger role in supporting advisers. To provide the required support levels, Western Pacific, over the last ten years, merged with Snowball, then Shadforth and finally IOOF.


We are now part of Australia's largest non-bank, non-insurer financial advice company, IOOF, which has been established since 1846.  IOOF owns a number of Licensed Dealers, like Western Pacific, which all use the same centralised Research and Support functions at head office.  


As a logical next step, IOOF’s dealer’s licences were consolidated into larger licence groups, to avoid duplication at the Compliance and Reporting level with our Regulator, ASIC.


Western Pacific practices transitioned to the dealer group Consultum Financial Advisers.

Consultum is also under the parent company IOOF and now provides our license to advise.

Our Osborne Park branch of Western Pacific became WP Financial Planners providing advice as authorised representatives of Consultum. Nothing else changed and it became seamless business as usual, using exactly the same back-office resources, and continuing to provide the same level of expert advice.​

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